5 Interiors Trends You Need To Know For 2020

From jungle-inspired designs to multi-use, space-saving furniture and hand woven materials, it’s time to give your home a little refresh with our round up of trends hitting homes in 2020…

Whether earthy pigments are your thing or you have a penchant for patterns, keep scrolling for some serious design inspo. The best news? You can get ahead of the curve with our round up of must-have pieces to buy now.

1. Natural materials & warm earthy tones

As we explored with our biophilic design campaign, there’s been a huge surge in the desire to connect with the natural world around us. With a rise in rattan, bamboo and other natural materials being used in our homes, our friends over at Livingetc have predicted this trend is only set to get bigger in 2020. Maudie Manton, News Editor at Livingetc, says that “Earthy pigments are set to continue in 2020 – think sun-scorched hues including warm terracottas, saffron and burnt reds – that all have a warming quality and offer a sense of connection to the natural world.”

2. Curved silhouettes

Whilst straight edged designs may have dominated our spaces for years, curved edged designs are making a comeback. As Maudie from Livingetc explains, “Silhouettes should be cosseting, cocooning and comforting. For this we will see a move towards gentle curves – almost mimicking that of the human form – in favour of angular shapes and sharp lines. Think sofas with wrap-around backs, high arm rests and plush upholstery and beds with enveloping headboards.”

3. Monochrome

Bozdağ is famous for it’s bright colour palette and pattern, but a distinct trend that emerged this season was a graphic monochrome story. Originating from a tribal inspired pattern developed for the Wilma cushion, we liked this contemporary feel and started to translate this across different product areas. The pattern can be easily layered in with colour or used on it’s on for a graphic minimalist look. We’ve used it in varying ways here from precise geometrics to dots and splatters.

4. Jungle

An already popular choice across fashion, art, textiles and wall art, unleash your wild side and introduce animal motifs and tropical foliage into your home. Catching up with Martha Coates, pattern designer for Bozdağ, she says “We’ve played about with the scale of these prints from quite intricate and illustrative on bedding to large and dramatic on the Jungle rug and cushion. We’ve also taken just the leopard spot element and translated that pattern across textiles and ceramics for an accent pattern.”

5. Folk

Bringing together geometric shapes, hand-drawn symbols and animal motifs, this pattern story makes a nod to a wide range of global folk references and translates these with modern colour and scale, making them feel current for the modern home. A few of our personal favourite designs are the Andes rug, inspired by traditional South American pattern motifs and the hand-knotted Numi rug, that incorporates different elements such as a horse, jug and tree.